hey friends. this page is dedicated to all things relating to my life, my youtube, and my current favorite finds. feel free to explore. XO.


these glasses are so cute for all of your summer pics!
ok who doesn't love cute socks?! these are so cute..
These are the SOFTEST socks and they're rly cute too
Favorite water bottle! I have a 32oz in marble.
i have been using this set for ALL of my letters! so cute
bought this for camp to throw on when it's raining
I use this stuff everytime i go tanning. It feels light and works so well!
This watch is amazing for the price! Perfect for camp and outdoors.
these earrings are my new favorites. Absolutely love their vintage look
This perfume smells SOOO good. Favorite summer scent.
For anyone interested in a brighter smile, I have used this forever!
This ring set is so cute and trendy for summer and fall!
These whitening strips work SO FAST. By far my fave way to whiten my teeth.
Love this curling iron for loose & natural-looking curls.
i use coconut oil for literally everything and this is my favorite brand.
i use the rose water spray every morning before applying makeup!
my hair is so dry, so this product really brings the hydration. 
this speaker is so fun to bring to photo shoots and it's so cheap!