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my mission

my mission is to build intentional relationships with clients and beautifully capture the special moments in an individual's life.
  1. weddings
  2. headshots
  3. seniors
  4. models

about me

hey everyone, i'm rachel - i was born in tulsa, oklahoma and i currently reside in kansas city. i am a high school student at a small christian school. i have been in photography since november of 2014 and started my business in march of 2016. i have a wide range of interests, but they all center around people and creativity.  
i am captain of the varsity volleyball team, i work at a coffee shop and flower shop, i'm a BIG dreamer, i aspire to move to north carolina, and I'M A PHOTOGRAPHER! photography has been my favorite hobby for the longest time because i enjoy capturing each individual's authentic moments and creating something beautiful! photos last forever and i am so thankful to each client allowing me to capture their authentic moments so they can treasure them for life. i am also a big believer in community and friendship! having a good relationship with my clients is so valued because it is important to me that my clients feel comfortable and have lots of fun!
i'm very intentional with everyone i meet!  ​ & i look forward to meeting you!
i enjoy coffee, reading blogs, taking pictures, math, marketing, autumn, the color yellow, dark lipstick, flowers (i enjoy flowers more than i should), and people! cafe au lait dahlias are the most beautiful flower and i find much inspiration from them. 
so, hey! thanks for reading. now it's my turn to get to know you! book your session today!

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xOXoXo , rach